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FLORAL DECAL… will leave you with a gorgeous look & bring you to your child hood memories. Your creativity will speak up the rest. Tweezer shall be the best to lift the decal and for perfect placement. Don’t forgot to read the steps mentioned here below for the best results.

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1. Remove protective transparent sticker and cut a design piece close to the shape of the image using scissors. If you are going to use the design to cover an entire nail try and cut it
similar in size and shape to your nail.
2. Place the cut piece in water or on top of a water soaked cotton pad and leave for 15-20 seconds.
3. Remove the piece from the water and slide the image from the backing sheet with your finger using minimal pressure. If the decal doesn’t slide, place it back in water longer and repeat the
4. Place the decal in desired location with your fingers or tweezers. Using your fingers or a blunt object, flatten decal to the nail. Use a finger nail or wood stick to press the decal near
skin. To make your design look brighter apply on light colored nail polishes.
5. If decal is bigger than your nail, remove excess using scissors or a flat brush– dipped in acetone. To remove excess from the tip of the nail you can use a nail file.
6. Wait until the decal is dry before applying top coat to seal it to the nail. If the decal covers the entire nail do not forget to seal the edge of your nail tips with top coat to completely
seal the design.


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